Capitol Colours


I cannot explain how excited I am to go home for spring break. Not just because I get to see my family, friends, and pets etc. but because I’ll be receiving my Hunger Games polishes! When I preordered them, I had to restrain myself and not get them all! I ended up deciding on Luxe and Lush (obviously), Hook and Line, Fast Track (I have a feeling this one may end up being my favorite), Dress Me Up, and Agro.

I’ve heard rumors that the collection is popping up at certain locations early, have any of you managed to snag a bottle or two?


One thought on “Capitol Colours

  1. Just picked up three colours today – Fast Track, Hook and Line and Foie Gras (all sort of neutral shades). By the time I got to Sally’s today, the majority of the display was gone already…and after I left there was only 2 left. lol I am looking forward to trying them and to seeing your swatches of the ones I wasn’t able to grab.

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