My Precious Treasures

Since I was home for Spring Break last week, I decided I would gather the majority of my polish collection together for some counting/organization/picture taking.

I had to leave a few colors at school, of course, but this is almost all of ’em!

I was surprised to find that I haven’t even reached 100 yet! I’ve got about 15 more to go.

I tried separating them by color, as that’s how I like to organize them. I had to laugh at how many purples I have compared to any other color. Can you tell it’s my favorite color?

And here they all are after about 30 minutes of trying to figure out how to organize them within my drawer. I’ve decided I need to make a polish rack (or two) this summer.

I’m also running out of room already /: Once I hit 100, who knows what I’ll do with them all.


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