Playing with Crackles!

Hello all! Welcome to all the new visitors, it always makes me so happy to see someone has found my little corner of the internet.

Once again, I have been lazy with posting ): I’m so sorry guys. But I will redeem myself!

A couple weeks ago I decided to revisit my many crackle polishes and have a little fun with them. My nails ended up looking kinda like blue skys with clouds, which I wasn’t really going for, but I decided it made for a great summer look.

I used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Whirlwind White as my base and then used three OPI Shatters (Silver, Blue, and Turquoise) for the fun stuff.

About half-way through, I realized how much I love the Silver Shatter, and I almost wished I had just used that instead of getting all fancy. However, after a while, the blues grew on me too and I really had a lot of fun using them together.

So, that’s it for crackles/shatters  for now.

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Until next time (:


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