Mani Monday – James Bond!

So, I finally watched Skyfall about a week ago during my last weekend at home and could not stop gushing about Severine’s nails (or as I called them, claws). And her dress in the casino scene made me drool…but those nails!

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 7.09.47 PM



Since I had yet to get my own claws on ANY of the OPI James Bond colors, after seeing the movie it wasn’t even an option to wait any more! The very next morning I bought Goldeneye, Skyfall, and Tomorrow Never Dies. I was realllyyy tempted to also get The Living Daylights, but ended up leaving without…my mind still might change.

Anyway, I obviously had to use Tomorrow Never Dies ASAP, as it was the color I was most anticipating. I have a thing for blurples, but I’d forgotten how hard it is to photograph them 😦

So, here are my inaccurate pictures of the beautiful TND, along with a guest appearance by Goldeneye and some stamping! (I used TND for the stamping, and the color there is actually pretty accurate).









I also (in a second attempt to photograph the color accurately) tested out the rhinestones my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. As a ballroom girl, rhinestones make me so happy! I will definitely be using them again very soon.







As you can see, despite the dozens of pictures I took in various different lights, I was still unable to catch the true beauty of TND. Oh wells, guess I’ll have to try again… 🙂

Once my nails have grown a bit longer, I think I’m going to try Severine’s manicure, so keep tuned!


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