Watermarble Wednesday – Spring Blings

Today’s combination of clear skies and 60 degree weather practically begs for a spring-themed watermarble! Due to my growing obsession of this kind of nail art, Charlotte has kindly let me take over Wednesdays to share with you all the magic and fascination of watermarbling!


(please excuse and ignore the chipping and lack of clean up)


There is something incredibly calming about watermarbling. Perhaps it is the process of watching all the colors swirl together to create beauty or it is the knowledge that you at least have some control over something in our chaotic daily lives.

What do you all do to calm down?

Products Used:

Love and Beauty by Forever 21 Pilot’s Scarf

Love and Beauty by Forever 21 Black/Pewter

Spoiled by Wet & Wild Good Karma

Spoiled by Wet & Wild Watch Your Language


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