Throwback Thursday – Skyfall’s Severine

Remember my post about finally procurring some of the lovely OPI Bond shades?

Around that time, I decided I wanted to grow my nails out with the specific purpose of attempting the lovely Severine’s manicure. I just could not take my eyes off her nails while watching the movie! Unfortunately, I’ve got some stubby nails now (hence the lack of posting on my part), so it’s a good thing I tried out the look then.

Here’s a pic of the gorgeous Bond girl and her talons for reference.

Using OPI’s Skyfall and Goldeneye, I recreated the maroon and gold mani she wore in the movie. (Please click the pictures to enlarge them, for some reason I can’t embed them at their normal size.)





Looking back at these pictures, I realize how pointy my nails were and I miss them so much! I’m just not meant to have stubby squares I guess.


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