A England’s Order of the Garter

“Majestically deep and filled with truth’s purity & strength of will, this royal blueinspires honour with every scintillating pulse” is how A England describes this vibrant blue. They even use one of my favorite words! (Scintillating).

Now, I am more of a fan of subtler shades when it comes to nail polish. I try out a few pinks now and then but never blues. This was the second polish I snatched up during an A England sale. While I enjoyed this eye-catching color, I’m still not convinced I’m brave enough to wear it very often. However, I did receive a lot of compliments on the color! It also gave me a couple ideas for Fourth of July manicures… (:

Here’s some pictures! (It was a nice, sunny week when I had this color on so I took advantage of it!)

I also experimented with some different hand poses…

(I still have some experimenting to do…)

And here’s a close-up of this gorgeous color!

If I can remember correctly, this could have been opaque in two coats, but being slightly OCD when it comes to my nails, I had to do three. Anyway, I loved this color and hope I have the courage to wear it again soon!


A-England’s Princess Tears

I have been lusting after various A-England colors for the past couple of years and never had the opportunity to actually buy any until recently. Using a promo from last month, I explored the new The Legend collection and fell in love with almost every color! However, I had decided I was only buying two polishes and therefore had to decide. My first choice was Princess Tears because I have never owned a holographic polish before and its soft lavender shade is one of my favorite colors. I also really wanted Saint George, but sadly that color was sold out. So, I settled for Order of the Garter instead and ended up being very happy with the outcome. I will do a post on OotG later this week. As for now, I present to you my new favorite polish: Princess Tears.

This first picture was taken in a dimly lighted room, and it truly shows the silvery/gray side of PT.

Though I really liked the duo chrome effect, I loved the holographic sparkling lavender color so much that I sought out every patch of sun I could find.

What better way to start my summer in California than with that beautiful holographic sparkle!
I even took a close-up in an attempt to capture this polishes true beauty.
While I am fairly satisfied with the way this polish showed up in these pictures, I would definitely encourage all of you to try this polish in person. It will definitely get a lot of usage from me this summer!