Swatch Sunday – Essie Collection

Hello all! Long time no talk…it’s been a busy few weeks on our end, what with moving in and waiting for the internet to be installed etc.

I also have some sad news, which is that the majority of my nail polish collection was left at home and I won’t really be able to see my pretties until December šŸ˜¦ So much for attempting to swatch everything! However, I did bring a good enough amount with me so that I can continue doing nail art!

For now though, this is the last of the swatches (unless I buy some new pretties…which I undoubtedly will).

I present to you my collection of Essie polishes!

Antique RoseĀ andĀ Sole Mate




Nothing Else MetalsĀ andĀ Skirting the Issue




Penny Talk and In the Cab-ana




Blue Rhapsody andĀ Stroke of Brilliance




St. Lucia Lilac andĀ Jazz





Rewind Wednesday – Matte Magic and Basic Shapes

Found a post that never actually got posted! Happy first day of Spring!


This is one of my simpler manicures, but I didn’t have any tools with me (not even any tape!) so I’m pretty happy with the result šŸ™‚

I originally wanted to try a look I’d seen around earlier this year, kind of theĀ precursorĀ to border manicure, but I couldn’t even find the original pictures! In the end, I kind of just decided to do a tape mani minus the tape.

Using OPI’s Meet Me On The Starferry, I painted all of my nails. Then, using China Glaze’s Dress Me Up, I did random shapes on my left hand and mirrored them on my right. I’m getting better at straight lines! The above picture is the original look (please excuse the messiness around the cuticles) before I decided it wasn’t cool enough and I needed to make it a matte mani!

What do you think? Did you like it better shiny or matte?

Maroon and Fishtail Braid Manicure

With fall settling in, I’ve noticed maroon making the rounds on fingertips around campus. Usually it’s just a creme, but I’ve seen glitter, matte, and shimmer maroons lately too. Luckily, I brought one such deep red with me to school! It’s actually OPI’s Pepe’s Purple Passion, but it’s definitely more burgandy/maroon than it is purple. I also thought I’d hop abord the braided mani train and try out the fishtail braid look. It was so much fun and so easy (though it took like twenty minutes per nail, hence Ā only having an accent nail).



As you may be able to tell, I accidentally crinkled a bit of the braid ): I don’t know how it happened, but by the time I noticed it, the polish was dry, so I didn’t try to smooth it out.

Here’s a nice close up of the braid! (Again, please ignore the wrinkles.)


The technique is super easy to master, even if you aren’t that great at getting straight lines. The pieces of my braid ended up being really narrow, but I love the combination of the colors! (OPI’s Pepe’s Purple Passion, Essie’s Nothing Else Metals and Penny Talk)


What do you think? Have you seen any other fall trends surfacing?

Madeline Poole Gradient

When I first saw Madeline Poole’s gradient using American Apparel’s new sheer shades, I fell in love. Now, I don’t actually own any of the colors but I knew I had to try the look. Obviously, mine is nowhere near as gorgeous as MP’s, but it was so much fun trying to recreate this look. There’s even a tutorial for the look that you can follow if you’re just as intrigued as I was!

I tried to keep the colors as close to the original hues as possible, but I soon figured out my stash isn’t as diverse as I thought /:

Here’s the original manicure:


I absolutely love how the colors work so well together. You wouldn’t think purple and orange would flow so effortlessly together, but they’re absolutely gorgeous!

Here’s my fun take of that pose:



And more pics of my mani!







As you can see, I changed some of the colors. I didn’t have a yellow (not a single one in my stash!) so I chose some different colors I thought would make pretty pairs. Also, I’m kind of wishing I’d switched the greens on my pinky and middle fingers, but oh well! I may have to attempt this look again (:

I think my favorite nails are my ring (purple and orange) and and pointer (pink and red) fingers. I think the pink and red gradient would make a great Valentine’s Day mani!

On another note: My mother is a wonderful person, though she kind of enables my nail polish addiction (: When I lamented the lack of yellows in my stash, she surprised me with Zoya’s Pippa!



We also had a rather hectic weekend and she surprised me again with some of Essie’s new Mirror Metallics shades and two minnies!



The essie’s will definitely be coming back to school with me on Monday, so you’ll see more on them soon!


I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I’ll be spending mine packing and stressing about moving back to Boston. Hopefully I’ll be able to post again mid-week (: