Mani Monday – Halloweekend Manicures

Hey everyone! Long time no talk…sorry šŸ˜¦

It was a busy Halloween and Halloweekend on my end, but man was it fun.

I ended up with two festive manicures last week, one just for kicks and the other as part of my costume.


The first: ox-blood and spiderwebs.

photo 1

photo 2



And the second: Slytherin themed to go with my Draco Malfoy costume. My roommates were Ron and Harry (maybe I’ll post a pic of us together later!).

photo 4


photo 3




Until next time (I hope it’ll be soon!) have a wonderful Monday!


Mani Monday – Floral and Rhinestones

I was feeling extra girly this weekend so I decided that a pink manicure wasn’t enough. Oh no, I needed flowers too. And then I needed sparkles. This is what I ended up with!

photo 1


photo 2


photo 3



Products Used:

OPIĀ Red My Fortune Cookie

OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender

OPIĀ Jade is the New Black

Unnamed White Striper

Mani Monday – End of Summer Sparkles

Last week my mother, sister, and I took a dangerous trip to my favorite nail polish spot. It’s one of those little wholesale places where everything is pretty much half price and it was the best discovery I ever made! Now, I usually go in with only $20 so I can limit my purchases…but for some reason this wasn’t a problem this time. I walked out with a lone bottle of Seche Vite and that was it! Guess I just wasn’t feeling any of the options? I’ll have to go back before I’m off to Boston again though! Point of the story though, is that my mom and sister nabbed some pretties and I obviously had to try some of them out. I went for my sister’s bottle of OPI’sĀ Mimosa for Mr and Mrs,Ā which is a lovely light pink. Being me though, I had to add some sparkles!

Image 4


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International Nail Art Day!

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following the GIOGO girls (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be ā€“ they’re awesome!) then you’ll know that today is International Nail Art Day! It’s obviously cause enough for some celebration here at ManyManis, but August 3rd also happens to be my dearest mother’s birthday!

I tried and tried to plan the perfect, super extravagant look to fit this wonderful day but couldn’t settle on one idea. Instead, I give you multiple manicures to celebrate!


Butterfly Stamping


First up: Butterfly and floral stamping using Julep’s Audrey and Lauren.


One stroke floral with gold


One stroke floral with gold


photo 2


And the next: another one-stroke flower attempt using OPI’s Goldeneye and Rumple’s Wiggin’, Zoya’s Snow White, and Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure’s Plum Luck.


gradient with dot outline


gradient with dot outline


And last (also my current mani!): a gradient with polka dot outlines using Julep’s Susie, and OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin’.


That’s all for now, folks. How are you celebrating this beautiful day?



Many Monday – One Stroke Flowers

I have long been in awe of and intimidated by the one stroke technique for about a year now. I put off trying it by using the excuse that I didn’t have the right brush for the job, but since my birthday this past winter, that’s no longer valid. Even so, this past weekend was the first time I ever tried the one stroke technique and I must say I’m pretty proud of the outcome!

I started with a gradient using OPI’s Pearl of Wisdom and Lucky Lucky Lavender before adding the flower petals in each corner using Zoya’s Snow White and A England’s Lady of the Lake. Feeling like thatĀ still wasn’t enough, I added the dots around the other nail edge using a dotting tool.



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Rewind Wednesday – Matte Magic and Basic Shapes

Found a post that never actually got posted! Happy first day of Spring!


This is one of my simpler manicures, but I didn’t have any tools with me (not even any tape!) so I’m pretty happy with the result šŸ™‚

I originally wanted to try a look I’d seen around earlier this year, kind of theĀ precursorĀ to border manicure, but I couldn’t even find the original pictures! In the end, I kind of just decided to do a tape mani minus the tape.

Using OPI’s Meet Me On The Starferry, I painted all of my nails. Then, using China Glaze’s Dress Me Up, I did random shapes on my left hand and mirrored them on my right. I’m getting better at straight lines! The above picture is the original look (please excuse the messiness around the cuticles) before I decided it wasn’t cool enough and I needed to make it a matte mani!

What do you think? Did you like it better shiny or matte?

Mani Monday – SYTYCD Nails

I’m attending the So You Think You Can Dance auditions on Thursday of this week and obviously needed an awesome set of nails. It’s partially for confidence but also just in case I get a chance to talk to Cat because I’ll need something to say! Anyway, I’ve had my eye on this design for a while and saw Wicked Nails’ interpretation of it on Tumblr, so I thought it would be great to try out for this occasion.

Here’s how it ended up!











As you can see, I added a little extra with a rhinestone on each nail. I am a ballroom dancer after all!

I also used completely different colors than both of the above examples because I wanted the look to be even flashier. Almost everyone I’ve interacted with since I’ve had this mani has loved it. It is by far one of my favorite manis ever šŸ™‚


Products Used:

OPI Goldeneye

A EnglandĀ Lady of the Lake

A EnglandĀ Saint George

A EnglandĀ Princess Tears

MASH Rhinestone Wheel

Swatch Sunday

For my birthday, my lovely mother got me the three metallic Bond polishes released by OPI. I usedĀ Bond…James BondĀ and Morning, Moneypenny in previous manis, but didn’t get very good pictures of either šŸ˜¦ So I will be doing all three colors again!

We’ll start withĀ Is That Silva?

JB - Silva 1


JB - Silva 2


JB - Silva 3


I really like the magnet that came with the polish. Most other magnetic polishes have their magnet in the cap, but this was completely separate. It has a ridge on the edge so that your nail doesn’t touch the magnet, and is very easy to squeeze with other fingers in order to achieve perfect distribution of the effect.

JB - Silva 4


JB - Silva 5


(Please excuse my slightly chipped nails)

JB - Silva 6


JB - Silva 7


The holographic sparkle in this polish is incredible, and the magnet was super strong! I seriously can’t find a bad thing to say about any of the three colors, but I think this one is my absolute favorite!

Trend Tuesday – Textured Talons

Oh, the alliteration! I had to, I’m sorry.

Since learning about OPI’s Liquid Sand polishes included in the Mariah Carrey collection, I’ve been keeping an eye out for other brands following suit. The idea was just so wacky and weird that others were bound to jump on the texture-train. It actually feels a lot like it did when crackle nails were a thing…

Obviously, I’m only listing a few. I’m sticking to the ones I’ve most recently observed, but don’t forget about the caviar mani and the velvet mani!Ā I do not personally own any of the textured polishes that have come out recently, so I’ll just provide you with links to some swatches.


I did have the opportunity to nab some of OPI’s Liquid Sand colors, but they just didn’t appeal to me enough…and from the swatches I’ve seen, I’m glad I didn’t get them. Sure, it would be fun once in a while, but I’ve decided they’re just not for me. Maybe I’ll eventually get the minis…we shall see.

You can see OPI’s Liquid Sand colors here.


Zoya has a fairly similar collection, dubbed Pixie Dust. These ones actually caught my eye more than the OPI ones…I think it’s mostly due to the colors, but also partially because of the finer and more consistent glitter they use, where OPI’s are of varied sizes. I’m still not really jumping out of my seat with excitement (probably because I still like my sparklies to be…well, sparkly!), but I think I’ll end up at least getting Godiva and Nyx.

You can see Zoya’s Pixie Dust colors here.

Screen Shot 2013-01-29 at 4.44.33 PM

Another textured line is Nails Inc.’s Concrete collection. These ones, however, are not glitters and aren’t completely matte. I think the similarity comes in the form of the the bumpy, not smooth nail surface, rather than the finish.

You can see Nails Inc’s Concrete colors here.

What do you think of all these textures? Which ones make your heart beat faster?