Mani Monday – Fan Brush Nail Art

A few months ago, I saw this video by SimpleNailArtDesigns and since then I’ve been seeing pictures of her mani all over the place online! When I first saw her tutorial, I didn’t have any nail brushes and therefore couldn’t try her awesome look. But then my wonderful boyfriend got me the MASH brush set!




Hope you’ve all had a happy start to the week!


Mani Monday – James Bond!

So, I finally watched Skyfall about a week ago during my last weekend at home and could not stop gushing about Severine’s nails (or as I called them, claws). And her dress in the casino scene made me drool…but those nails!

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 7.09.47 PM



Since I had yet to get my own claws on ANY of the OPI James Bond colors, after seeing the movie it wasn’t even an option to wait any more! The very next morning I bought Goldeneye, Skyfall, and Tomorrow Never Dies. I was realllyyy tempted to also get The Living Daylights, but ended up leaving without…my mind still might change.

Anyway, I obviously had to use Tomorrow Never Dies ASAP, as it was the color I was most anticipating. I have a thing for blurples, but I’d forgotten how hard it is to photograph them ūüė¶

So, here are my inaccurate pictures of the beautiful TND, along with a guest appearance by Goldeneye and some stamping! (I used TND for the stamping, and the color there is actually pretty accurate).









I also (in a second attempt to photograph the color accurately) tested out the rhinestones my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. As a ballroom girl, rhinestones make me so happy! I will definitely be using them again very soon.







As you can see, despite the dozens of pictures I took in various different lights, I was still unable to catch the true beauty of TND. Oh wells, guess I’ll have to try again… ūüôā

Once my nails have grown a bit longer, I think I’m going to try Severine’s manicure, so keep tuned!

Rewind Wednesday – Christmas Mani

I actually attempted two Christmas themed manicures this past holiday season, but the first one lasted all of 5 minutes before I took it off, and then I didn’t have time to post pictures of the second one! I did these nails on Christmas eve before attending my brother’s birthday dinner (he’s actually a Christmas baby!) and then it was Christmas day and then I spent a week skiing in Tahoe! So I guess this qualifies as rewinding a bit.





Products Used:

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

OPI Jade is the New Black

Zoya Sparkle Gloss

OPI¬†Bond…James Bond


Edit: Sorry for the late post! I realized I hadn’t added pictures from my first Christmas mani!



Products Used:

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

OPI Pearl of Wisdom

OPI¬†Bond…James Bond

Zoya Sparkle Gloss

Prisma Luminous Colors #6468 (Unnamed red glitter)


Mani Monday – I’m Back!

For the first time in about two months, I’ve actually done something cool with my own nails. Since it’s been a while, I really couldn’t even decide what to do, so I did everything! These are probably the girliest nails I’ve ever done and I love them!

I started with a gradient then tried using Konad plate m75 with for my first real stamping experience! I then topped everything off with a sparkly topcoat ūüôā





Products used:

OPI Panda-monium Pink

OPI Dim Sum Plum

Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure¬†Plum Luck

Zoya Sparkle Gloss

Konad Plate m75

Birthday Post #2!

As my birthday was two weeks before Christmas, my birthday manis tend to take precedence over my Christmas ones. I also received a lot of new polishes that I absolutely had to try!

Here are two of my favorites!

My lovely boyfriend gave me the gorgeous Chanel Sky Line, which was obviously the first birthday polish I tried! I wore it to see the Boston Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker with some of my dance friends because it made me feel super classy!

Chanel Sky Line IMG_6248 IMG_6238 IMG_6257


This beauty is like Cinderella in a bottle. It’s absolutely stunning and definitely my favorite in my collection now.

And mani number two is provided by my wonderful mother (: She got me the three magnetic Bond colors from OPI, which are so cool! Holographic sparkles and awesome magnets? Perfection.

OPI Morning, MoneypennyIMG_6279


Unfortunately, Winter had set in by the time I tried to take pictures, so they aren’t very good /: I’ll definitely be using MM again very soon though!

After returning home from Boston for the winter, I finally tried my hand at Christmas themed nails! I’ll post pictures of attempts 1 and 2 soon (:

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season so far!

Maroon and Fishtail Braid Manicure

With fall settling in, I’ve noticed maroon making the rounds on fingertips around campus. Usually it’s just a creme, but I’ve seen glitter, matte, and shimmer maroons lately too. Luckily, I brought one such deep red with me to school! It’s actually OPI’s Pepe’s Purple Passion, but it’s definitely more burgandy/maroon than it is purple. I also thought I’d hop abord the braided mani train and try out the fishtail braid look. It was so much fun and so easy (though it took like twenty minutes per nail, hence ¬†only having an accent nail).



As you may be able to tell, I accidentally crinkled a bit of the braid ): I don’t know how it happened, but by the time I noticed it, the polish was dry, so I didn’t try to smooth it out.

Here’s a nice close up of the braid! (Again, please ignore the wrinkles.)


The technique is super easy to master, even if you aren’t that great at getting straight lines. The pieces of my braid ended up being really narrow, but I love the combination of the colors! (OPI’s Pepe’s Purple Passion, Essie’s Nothing Else Metals and Penny Talk)


What do you think? Have you seen any other fall trends surfacing?

OPI Skyfall Collection – Updates!

The highly anticipated Skyfall Collection by OPI (also known as the James Bond Collection) is¬†this much closer to being released. The every fabulous Ommorphia Beauty Bar has put up some beautiful swatches. Here’s part 1¬†and part 2!

The first half of the collection does not fail to impress. I am so in love with every single color and I cannot wait for part deux!

Purple Mosaic Manicure

I noticed this morning that my last three manicures have been purple of various shades…can you tell it’s my favorite color? Purple also makes up about a third of my 100+ polish collection (:

Here’s a mani I did about two weeks back. I saw a picture of a Crackle mosaic manicure (I’ll link back to it later if I can find it /: ) but didn’t feel like using Crackle polishes so soon after my blue and silver manicure.

As stated above, I have a lot of purple polishes of varying shades and textures, so it was easiest to pick out a couple of those that would work well for a mosaic.

I used A-England’s Princess Tears (my new favorite, also featured in my current manicure which you can see next week), OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavendar, and an old bottle of N.Y.C. (I have no idea what the name is).


I started by using each color and painting different sections of each nail. It didn’t really matter if they overlapped a bit or there were some small bald spots in between, as I knew I would be covering them up with the white striper.


Look at Princess Tears sparkle! This may even be a more accurate picture of her true color than some of the swatches I did previously.



I even snapped a pic of my right hand for you guys!


And of course a detail pic. Please excuse the smears, the white striper paint takes FOREVER to dry and I’m not as patient as I’d like to think.

Overall, I was pretty proud of my mani. I liked the colors I ended up using and how their textures worked well together. Yeah, I wish I’d been more patient with the striper when applying my topcoat, but I just couldn’t wait!

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My Kind of French Mani

Hello all and happy August! I’m not quite ready to give up my summer brights yet, but I did break out two colors from OPI’s Hong Kong collection that seemed a little more fall worthy to me.

Remember how I said in my last post¬†that I wanted to try a french manicure again soon? Well, soon meant directly after I posted that! But I didn’t want to do the usual sheer pink with white tips, oh no, I wanted to use my favorite color PURPLE for the tips. And a little shimmer never hurt anyone either, so I picked out OPI’s Meet Me On The Star Ferry and Pearl of Wisdom for this mani.

Unfortunately, I only snapped a few quick picks of this mani before it started to chip ):


I did absolutely love this combination though! I wish I had been able to keep it on longer.


I ended up taking it off mostly because of the chips on my pointer fingers (and a break in one!) but also because I received my package from A-England! I’ll be posting more about that adventure soon (:


Playing with Crackles!

Hello all! Welcome to all the new visitors, it always makes me so happy to see someone has found my little corner of the internet.

Once again, I have been lazy with posting ): I’m so sorry guys. But I will redeem myself!

A couple weeks ago I decided to revisit my many crackle polishes and have a little fun with them. My nails ended up looking kinda like blue skys with clouds, which I wasn’t really going for, but I decided it made for a great summer look.

I used Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Whirlwind White as my base and then used three OPI Shatters (Silver, Blue, and Turquoise) for the fun stuff.

About half-way through, I realized how much I love the Silver Shatter, and I almost wished I had just used that instead of getting all fancy. However, after a while, the blues grew on me too and I really had a lot of fun using them together.

So, that’s it for crackles/shatters ¬†for now.

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Until next time (: