International Nail Art Day!

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following the GIOGO girls (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be – they’re awesome!) then you’ll know that today is International Nail Art Day! It’s obviously cause enough for some celebration here at ManyManis, but August 3rd also happens to be my dearest mother’s birthday!

I tried and tried to plan the perfect, super extravagant look to fit this wonderful day but couldn’t settle on one idea. Instead, I give you multiple manicures to celebrate!


Butterfly Stamping


First up: Butterfly and floral stamping using Julep’s Audrey and Lauren.


One stroke floral with gold


One stroke floral with gold


photo 2


And the next: another one-stroke flower attempt using OPI’s Goldeneye and Rumple’s Wiggin’, Zoya’s Snow White, and Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure’s Plum Luck.


gradient with dot outline


gradient with dot outline


And last (also my current mani!): a gradient with polka dot outlines using Julep’s Susie, and OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin’.


That’s all for now, folks. How are you celebrating this beautiful day?




Sharing Saturday – Justin Bieber Nails

Last Wednesday, my sister went to a Justin Bieber concert. Obviously, she asked me to do her nails. My first thought? Put his face on her nails a la Katy Perry

I kinda just made up the rest as I went. This is how they turned out! (As always, I needed to add some rhinestones..)



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Sharing Saturday – Christmas Mani

My first example of street nails is kind of cheating /: it’s also combined a bit with Rewind Wednesday as it was a mani I saw before Christmastime.

Over the past semester, I have been spreading my love for all things polish to the girls on my ballroom team. I’ve mentioned before that we’ve gotten together and had a girls night (or two) with movies and manis, but occasionally they’ll surprise me with creations of their own and it makes me so proud!

Here is one such mani done by my friend, Emily! (She’s also wearing some pretty awesome rings)


I’ve been thinking that I may just make Saturdays into “Social Saturdays,” that way I can post online submissions too! If you’ve created a look that you’re particularly proud of and would like me to showcase, send me a message or email me at 🙂