Swatch Sunday – Essie Collection

Hello all! Long time no talk…it’s been a busy few weeks on our end, what with moving in and waiting for the internet to be installed etc.

I also have some sad news, which is that the majority of my nail polish collection was left at home and I won’t really be able to see my pretties until December ūüė¶ So much for attempting to swatch everything! However, I did bring a good enough amount with me so that I can continue doing nail art!

For now though, this is the last of the swatches (unless I buy some new pretties…which I undoubtedly will).

I present to you my collection of Essie polishes!

Antique Rose and Sole Mate




Nothing Else Metals and Skirting the Issue




Penny Talk and In the Cab-ana




Blue Rhapsody and Stroke of Brilliance




St. Lucia Lilac and Jazz





Swatch Sunday – Julep’s Favorite Things

Julep had a warehouse sale a couple weeks ago, and as I’ve never tried their polishes before, I jumped at the opportunity! I found a couple single colors I liked and then stumbled upon the Favorite Things 2012 Nail Color Jewelry Box, which contained all the colors I had wanted and more! It also contained two special polishes named Audrey and Charlotte, which is obviously cool for Many Manis ūüôā

This is going to be a very picture heavy post, so bear with me and enjoy!


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Del Sol – Color Changing Nail Polish!

“Color-changing Nail Polish by Del Sol is the wonder of the sun at your finger tips! Indoors, the nail polish is one fun color. But outside, Del Sol’s exquisite, color change nail polish turns a dramatically different hue. Some styles feature glitter, too. From indoors to outside, and back to indoors, Del Sol Nail Polish gets attention as it changes.”

Del Sol¬†is a company that sells apparel and accessories that change under UV rays. About a year ago, my boyfriend and I discovered one of their 100 stores and wandered in. I’d been in stores like it before, but I was extremely excited to find out that they had over twenty colors of changing nail polish! Obviously, I wanted to grab as many as I could, but I left the store empty handed that day. A year later (earlier this month), my boyfriend bought three bottles for my mother’s birthday and surprised me with three bottles too!

Now, I know “mood” polish has been around for a while, and I even have an old Forever21 color changing polish stashed somewhere in my room, but I am so impressed with DelSol! I meant to do some swatches last weekend before a week-long trip to San Diego, but never got around to it. During the week, I was super surprised to see that Shannon over at Eyemasq¬†had also discovered this awesome brand! She’d even swatched the color I ended up wearing to San Diego!

For now, I swatched my three DelSol colors: Electrick, ¬†Pretty In Pink, and Ruby Slipper. Sometime before I head back to Boston (sooo….within the next week) I will swatch my mother’s colors too.

Eeeek, what a lot of writing. Okay, here come the actual pictures! (All are with basecoat and three coats of color, no topcoat)

First up: Electrick.

Before Sun



After Sun

I have to say, I was really sad about the application of Electrick. These pictures are from the second time I tried to swatch it. The first time, it was watery and insanely streaky until the third coat. By the time the third coat dried, it was definitely less streaky, but oh my god the bubbles. I have never had a polish bubble as much as Electrick did. I’m guessing it’s because of how watery the formula is and I probably did too thick of a third coat to try to get rid of the streaks, but after trying to wear it again a week later..meh, still not so happy. It was also the slowest changing of the colors when placed in sunlight. So pretty though ):

Pretty In Pink

Before Sun







After Sun




I absolutely adore Pretty In Pink. I first wore it on my toes, because I could tell it would be sheer. I tend to be a little particular when it comes to visible nail line, but I think I’d make an exception for this one. She’s just so pretty both in and out of the sun! I wonder what it would be like to do a french manicure with this…hmm thoughts for the future.

Ruby Slippers

Before Sun





After Sun





Ruby Slipper is another one that gave me a moment of hesitation due to VNL. My first thought was to try it as a layering glitter, but literally the second I stepped into the sun this polish changed my mind. It is absolutely gorgeous. And it was super easy to remove! I will definitely be trying this one again soon. Perhaps I’ll try layering it over a nude or a white?



You can order any of the DelSol polishes online and I definitely suggest you check them out!


A England – Saint George

Bearer of a valiant & courageous heart, this¬†fathomless teal¬†reveals the strength of the brave knight’s convictions¬†with¬†his¬†gleaming, fiery¬†core.

By now, I’m sure you’ve all seen swatches of Saint George. It’s probably the most exciting A England polish so far (well, except for Princess Tears in my opinion, more on that later!) and with good reason!

I must admit, when The Legend collection first came out, I saw Saint George and thought “maybe next time” because I’m not typically one for green polishes. As soon as I started seeing swatches of it online, however, I knew I’d made a mistake. When Adina had that awesome promotion for The Mythicals collection a few weeks ago, my first thought was to include Saint George and I’m sooooooo glad I did! I also finally gave in and got Lady of the Lake and Tristam, which you’ll see soon!

Without further ado, the most beautiful deep teal holo:

The above picture may be a bit blurry, but just look at that gorgeous holo!

This one shows the darker side of Saint George.

I have to say, I have completely transformed into a lover of teals, especially the darker ones. Add some holo on top of that and we have a new favorite polish. A England never disappoints!

A England’s Order of the Garter

“Majestically deep¬†and filled with truth’s purity & strength of will, this¬†royal blueinspires honour¬†with¬†every¬†scintillating pulse” is how A England describes this vibrant blue. They even use one of my favorite words! (Scintillating).

Now, I am more of a fan of subtler shades when it comes to nail polish. I try out a few pinks now and then but never blues. This was the second polish I snatched up during an A England sale. While I enjoyed this eye-catching color, I’m still not convinced I’m brave enough to wear it very often. However, I did receive a lot of compliments on the color! It also gave me a couple ideas for Fourth of July manicures… (:

Here’s some pictures! (It was a nice, sunny week when I had this color on so I took advantage of it!)

I also experimented with some different hand poses…

(I still have some experimenting to do…)

And here’s a close-up of this gorgeous color!

If I can remember correctly, this could have been opaque in two coats, but being slightly OCD when it comes to my nails, I had to do three. Anyway, I loved this color and hope I have the courage to wear it again soon!

A-England’s Princess Tears

I have been lusting after various A-England colors for the past couple of years and never had the opportunity to actually buy any until recently. Using a promo from last month, I explored the new The Legend collection and fell in love with almost every color! However, I had decided I was only buying two polishes and therefore had to decide. My first choice was Princess Tears because I have never owned a holographic polish before and its soft lavender shade is one of my favorite colors. I also really wanted Saint George, but sadly that color was sold out. So, I settled for Order of the Garter instead and ended up being very happy with the outcome. I will do a post on OotG later this week. As for now, I present to you my new favorite polish: Princess Tears.

This first picture was taken in a dimly lighted room, and it truly shows the silvery/gray side of PT.

Though I really liked the duo chrome effect, I loved the holographic sparkling lavender color so much that I sought out every patch of sun I could find.

What better way to start my summer in California than with that beautiful holographic sparkle!
I even took a close-up in an attempt to capture this polishes true beauty.
While I am fairly satisfied with the way this polish showed up in these pictures, I would definitely encourage all of you to try this polish in person. It will definitely get a lot of usage from me this summer!

It’s been almost a month since I last posted. I’ve been so busy lately that my blog and my nails have been feeling very neglected. Despite my lack of time and the unending list of things to do, I somehow managed to fit a few manicures in. I even took some pictures! Because I had no time to post them then, I’ll be posting them over the next week as I finish my first year of college!

Let’s start off with what may be my best gradient manicure yet!

Using OPI’s Panda-Monium Pink as the base, I knew I wanted to keep with the pink trend but I didn’t like my options (I’ve already sent the majority of my collection home for the summer). On a whim, I decided to use Zoya’s Faye, which I have never tried before. I was actually expecting it to look a lot like Tiffany, but where Tiffany was pink, Faye was much more purple and the gold flakes were more prominent. While the two look the same in the bottle, their actual differences really surprised me. I’m so glad I got them both, they’re such gorgeous colors.

And now for the pictures! I did two layers of Faye for the gradient so as to make the gold more intense.

And a close up!

This manicure also helped my ballroom friends realize just how obsessed I am with nail polish and nail art. I inspired a couple of the girls to try out the gradient using their own colors and I’m really glad I have more people to share the fun with!

Stay tuned for my polka dot manicure later!

Zoya’s Kissy

The second of the polishes that my mother sent me recently, Kissy has met every expectation I had of her! I layered Kissy over Zoya’s other fabulous pink polish Lolly. Lolly is a matte pink, so I made sure to cover every bit of my nails in a nice top coat after applying Kissy.

Here’s the combination in sunlight:

And a picture in the shade:

Funnily enough, the shaded picture is more true to the actual color of this combination. And, because I love the multiple different types of glitter in Kissy, here’s a closeup!

There are three types of glitter inside this beauty: silver bar glitters, shorter purple bar glitters and very small round red glitters. I just realized that this would have been a perfect simple Valentine’s Day manicure! The Kissy was a little difficult to apply, but only because I had to make sure the bar glitter didn’t extend past the edge of my nails. I also had to apply a generous amount of topcoat to ensure I had a smooth surface.

In conclusion, Kissy lived up to the expectations I had for her. Though I wasn’t expecting her to be so sheer, I know I’ll definitely make good use of her when it comes to layering (:

On a related note: I’m sure many of you have heard about Zoya’s “Share the Love” program by now. In case you haven’t yet, click the link below to find out more!

Upon clicking the link and creating an account with, you will receive a coupon for a FREE bottle of Zoya Nail Polish! The fun doesn’t stop there, add two more polishes to your order and you get free shipping too! What are you waiting for?

Zoya’s Indigo

Today I present you with a polish I’ve had my eye on for a while, Indigo from Zoya’s Downtown Collection. I saw this picture on Tumblr about two months ago and absolutely fell in love with Indigo’s subtle sparkles. Over my spring break, my mother and I were grocery shopping at Whole Foods and happened upon a Zoya nail polish display. By happened, I mean that I knew exactly where it was and may have subtly led my mother towards it.

In between admiring the bright spring colors and a new discovery called Kissy, I found Indigo. We didn’t end up purchasing the colors at the time, but I received a care package last week from my dearest mother containing both Indigo and Kissy! She definitely knows how to make my day (:

Anyway, with the weather being as dreary as it has been lately, I couldn’t bring myself to try Kissy just yet. However, Indigo was perfect.

My goodness, was it hard to capture how gorgeous Indigo truly is. From far away she’s just a deep navy leaning towards black, but not so up close! (Or in sunlight! Boston was a little lacking on that front, but I indulged in every spot of sun I could find.)

I could have used only one coat, by the way. It was just the perfectionist in me that required two.

I hope you have the chance to check out Indigo for yourselves, this is definitely a new favorite of mine and I typically don’t go for darker colors. That little hint of sparkle was enough to make me fall in love (:

The last of my Capitol Colors polishes, Agro had to wait a bit to be worn. I’m not typically a fan of greens, which may be why it took me so long. But the weather last week was so sunny and nice that I couldn’t bring myself to wear such a dark color. What a fool I am.

Agro completely changed how I feel about greens. I’ve gotten numerous compliments on the color so far (I’ve been wearing it for a couple days now) and I absolutely love how it looks with my skin tone.

China Glaze describes the color as a “moss green with gold shimmer,” and shimmer it does! It definitely does its duty of representing District 11 (Agriculture) well!

Something I loved about this polish was its application. It was opaque with one coat (one!) and didn’t look streaky at all (as Hook and Line did).

Here it is with one coat:

And with two coats:

Of course I had to try Luxe and Lush with Agro, but I didn’t want to cover all of its beauty. I did accent nails on both of my ring fingers and am glad that’s all I did! Luxe and Lush does look mesmerizing over Agro, but I love Agro just as much by itself.

That’s it for my Hunger Games polishes. I loved all of the ones I ended up purchasing, even the few I was initially uncertain about.