Birthday Post #2!

As my birthday was two weeks before Christmas, my birthday manis tend to takeĀ precedenceĀ over my Christmas ones. I also received a lot of new polishes that I absolutely had to try!

Here are two of my favorites!

My lovely boyfriend gave me the gorgeous Chanel Sky Line, which was obviously the first birthday polish I tried! I wore it to see the Boston Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker with some of my dance friends because it made me feel super classy!

Chanel Sky Line IMG_6248 IMG_6238 IMG_6257


This beauty is like Cinderella in a bottle. It’s absolutely stunning and definitely my favorite in my collection now.

And mani number two is provided by my wonderful mother (: She got me the three magnetic Bond colors from OPI, which are so cool! Holographic sparkles and awesome magnets? Perfection.

OPI Morning, MoneypennyIMG_6279


Unfortunately, Winter had set in by the time I tried to take pictures, so they aren’t very good /: I’ll definitely be using MM again very soon though!

After returning home from Boston for the winter, I finally tried my hand at Christmas themed nails! I’ll post pictures of attempts 1 and 2 soon (:

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season so far!


I meant to include this in my last post, but I got so entranced in the world of nails that I completely forgot.

Now, this doesn’t have much to do with nails except that my most recent teal nails match!

I’ve been wanting to have some fun with my hair for about a year now, after becoming inspired by Lauren Conrad’s rainbow tips, but I never worked up the courage until about two weeks ago.

Without further ado, I present to you my rainbow hair!


It’s a wee bit damp in this picture, so the colors may look a little darker then they actually are, but there’s some pink, red, teal, blue and purple!

So far, I’ve heard that it reminds people of My Little Pony, a parrot’s feathers, and obviously a rainbow (especially when I’m dipped during a dance party).

We’ll see how long it all lasts, but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

Have you taken risks beauty-wise lately?