I Won a Giveaway!

Last week, I was the lucky winner of Galactic Lacquer‘s 350 follower giveaway! You may remember it from my Giveaways page here on the blog. Anyway, it’s my first ever win and therefore probably the most exciting nail mail I’ve gotten in a while!

Corrinnee, the lovely lady behind Galactic Lacquer, posted pictures of the prize in her giveaway post, but I wanted to take some of my own when I received the goodies.

First up are the non-polish goodies!

I’ve wanted to find some striping tape to play with for quite a while, but never got around to it. I’m so excited now!

And here are the polishes:


Look at how vibrant those colors are!

In case you are as curious as I was, here’s some quick swatches of each polish.

I was so eager to try them that I didn’t clean up at all, I’m sorry. Both the red glitter and the yellow polish are with two coats while the rest are only one.

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll have noticed that I didn’t swatch the sparkly teal polish. Fear not! I thought that one was so pretty that I had to do a full manicure with it. I used the shimmery blue/green color from above underneath and one coat (one coat! look at that sparkle) of the glitter on top.

The color kind of reminds me of peacock feathers.

And boy, do I love sparkles!



I hope you’ve liked this post. I’m so excited to be able to share my first giveaway win with you all. Hopefully I’ll be able to host my own someday (:


And Another Thing!

I just set up Twitter and Facebook pages!

I already have a Tumblr (that I badly need to update…) so please feel free to check them out!

As for now, I’ll be using all three just to direct attention back here (homebase) but I’m also hoping to use social media to more efficiently participate in the nail polish/ nail art community (:

And Then Disaster Struck…

You may have noticed that my nails in the polka dot manicure are significantly shorter than normal. Two Sundays ago, the ballroom team hosted an event called Dancing with the Professors. I danced in the showcase piece and the entire night went so well! By the end of it though, I noticed that one of my nails kept getting stuck on my skirt…lo and behold the ugliest break I’ve seen in a while ):

It was on my right hand, so I was able to snap a few shots of my other hand before cutting all of my nails down.

I was looking a little yellow on the ends there, so I’m not too sad about the change. But still, I had so much fun painting my nails when they were long and I don’t know what to do now!

Hopefully they’ll grow back quickly (:

Polka Dotty!

Something so simple, but I never tried it before last week! Here’s pictures of my first ever polka dot manicure. Again, it inspired some of my ballroom girls to try the look out for themselves! Sadly, mine only lasted about two days. I need to find a new base coat…suggestions?

I had one friend say that these reminded him of Tutti Frutti Jelly Beans! Yummy (:

It’s been almost a month since I last posted. I’ve been so busy lately that my blog and my nails have been feeling very neglected. Despite my lack of time and the unending list of things to do, I somehow managed to fit a few manicures in. I even took some pictures! Because I had no time to post them then, I’ll be posting them over the next week as I finish my first year of college!

Let’s start off with what may be my best gradient manicure yet!

Using OPI’s Panda-Monium Pink as the base, I knew I wanted to keep with the pink trend but I didn’t like my options (I’ve already sent the majority of my collection home for the summer). On a whim, I decided to use Zoya’s Faye, which I have never tried before. I was actually expecting it to look a lot like Tiffany, but where Tiffany was pink, Faye was much more purple and the gold flakes were more prominent. While the two look the same in the bottle, their actual differences really surprised me. I’m so glad I got them both, they’re such gorgeous colors.

And now for the pictures! I did two layers of Faye for the gradient so as to make the gold more intense.

And a close up!

This manicure also helped my ballroom friends realize just how obsessed I am with nail polish and nail art. I inspired a couple of the girls to try out the gradient using their own colors and I’m really glad I have more people to share the fun with!

Stay tuned for my polka dot manicure later!

Zoya Beach and Surf Collection Giveaway!

I’m sure you’ve all been keeping a look out for pretty summer colors, especially if you’ve been enjoying wonderful weather like I have been!

Zoya is quickly becoming one of my favorite brands, not just because of the stunning colors they create, but because of their approach to the industry.

“Art of Beauty was founded in 1986 by Zoya and Michael Reyzis. They had a shared vision, which evolved from a small nail salon into a spa focusing on natural nails, skin care and alternative European herbal treatments. As the first to remove toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde and DBP (dibutyl phthalate) from its formulations, Art of Beauty maintains its focus on the health and well being of salons, spas and consumers.salons, spas and consumers.”

Nail blogger Princess Polish is holding an incredibly generous giveaway that I encourage you all to check out! In celebration of her growing fanbase, Princess Polish will be giving away a complete set of the Zoya Breach and Surf collection. Go check out her wonderful polish blog and enter the giveaway!

Good luck!