Sharing Saturday – Ballroom Beauties!

Last weekend was my team’s ballroom competition, and during the set up the day before I got to paint a whole bunch of nails! I had done my own to match my dress with my A England beauties (Princess Tears and Lady of the Lake) and added a generous amount of rhinestones, because you can’t have ballroom without sparkles!


One of the other girls wore a dress whose main colors were green, red and nude, so we did her nails to match as well!


Here’s a closer view of the rhinestone gradient as an accent nail:


I also did another purple manicure for a friend named Davlyn, whose natural nails are absolutely ridiculous! Look at how long and well shaped they are! I’m so jealous.


Like me, she got two different colors of purple rhinestones 🙂

And finally, a picture of the purple princesses of the ballroom team, including me (right) Davlyn (center) and my wonderful co-blogger Audrey (left)!


Do you see what I mean about sparkles and ballroom going hand-in-hand?

We have another competition next weekend, and I’m hoping to do something different next time, so stay tuned if you love rhinestones!

ALSO! You have one more day to enter the giveaway, so don’t forfeit your chance to win the gorgeous shades of HITS Tango and Foxtrot!


Dragon Scales

Another guest manicure by my lovely boyfriend. This time he used OPI’s The One That Got Away from the Katy Perry collection and OPI’s Turquoise shatter. This is not a color combination I would normally pick out myself, but I really like the end result! It’s very attention-grabbing and people seem to think it looks cool!

Valentine’s Day Nails!

My second Valentine’s Day manicure is actually a guest manicure!

Over the weekend my boyfriend decided he wanted to try his hand and nail art and this is the result. I love how cute they are and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on them so far. I even met Lauren Froderman yesterday (winner of season 7 of SYTYCD) and the first thing she said was “Love your nails!”

All in all, my boy should be proud of his work (:

He used OPI’s Meep-Meep-Meep from the Muppet’s collection and OPI’s White Shatter. The letters were done using a no-name white striper polish.