Zoya’s Indigo

Today I present you with a polish I’ve had my eye on for a while, Indigo from Zoya’s Downtown Collection. I saw this picture on Tumblr about two months ago and absolutely fell in love with Indigo’s subtle sparkles. Over my spring break, my mother and I were grocery shopping at Whole Foods and happened upon a Zoya nail polish display. By happened, I mean that I knew exactly where it was and may have subtly led my mother towards it.

In between admiring the bright spring colors and a new discovery called Kissy, I found Indigo. We didn’t end up purchasing the colors at the time, but I received a care package last week from my dearest mother containing both Indigo and Kissy! She definitely knows how to make my day (:

Anyway, with the weather being as dreary as it has been lately, I couldn’t bring myself to try Kissy just yet. However, Indigo was perfect.

My goodness, was it hard to capture how gorgeous Indigo truly is. From far away she’s just a deep navy leaning towards black, but not so up close! (Or in sunlight! Boston was a little lacking on that front, but I indulged in every spot of sun I could find.)

I could have used only one coat, by the way. It was just the perfectionist in me that required two.

I hope you have the chance to check out Indigo for yourselves, this is definitely a new favorite of mine and I typically don’t go for darker colors. That little hint of sparkle was enough to make me fall in love (: