Mani Monday – Watermelon Nail Art

This is a bit of a throwback, and not my current manicure but it’s a super summery look and it was a lot of fun to create and to wear. I had seen some fruit themed manicures circulating around the internet recently and decided to try my hand at a watermelon manicure because I had the right colors for it!





Simple and sweet, just like the fruit that so perfectly embodies summertime!


Throwback Thursday – Monster’s University

A while back, I was supposed to go see Monster’s University with my siblings, but unfortunately it somehow ended up not happening 😦 I still haven’t gotten to see it! But, I did do a themed manicure anyway!

photo 2


It also meant that I got to try out the fuzzy nail thing with flocking powder for the first time! I’m not sure what I got was the right stuff for a velvet manicure, but it worked for this look.

photo 3


photo 1

Mani Monday – Accidental Valentine’s Manicure

I tried out the gradient without a sponge manicure again this past week, but I didn’t intend for it to be so Valentine’s Day-ish. Oh well, it was still super cute 🙂

It also gave me the opportunity to try out my new homemade light box! Can’t say I’m impressed on that front though…I think I need a better lamp.

photo 1


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Sharing Saturday – Justin Bieber Nails

Last Wednesday, my sister went to a Justin Bieber concert. Obviously, she asked me to do her nails. My first thought? Put his face on her nails a la Katy Perry

I kinda just made up the rest as I went. This is how they turned out! (As always, I needed to add some rhinestones..)



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Throwback Thursday – Mint Mixed Mani

About two weeks ago, I went shopping with my dearest mother. We noticed about halfway through that we kept gravitating toward any article of clothing that was relatively mint green in color. Obviously, my next mani had to match the mood!

Image 1


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Watermarble Wednesday – Disney Princess Inspired: A Whole New World

Let’s talk about that magic carpet ride. And how it was more inspiring than Jasmine herself. While I did say it was to be a Disney Princess inspired mani I think this fits under the umbrella since Jasmine was sitting on the magic carpet.

Arguments aside, I wanted to the design to reflect what a bystander (or bird) would see of this magical ride. I started off with just the watermarble, but wasn’t satisfied so I added in some clouds and dots to give an impression of the flight.


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Many Monday – One Stroke Flowers

I have long been in awe of and intimidated by the one stroke technique for about a year now. I put off trying it by using the excuse that I didn’t have the right brush for the job, but since my birthday this past winter, that’s no longer valid. Even so, this past weekend was the first time I ever tried the one stroke technique and I must say I’m pretty proud of the outcome!

I started with a gradient using OPI’s Pearl of Wisdom and Lucky Lucky Lavender before adding the flower petals in each corner using Zoya’s Snow White and A England’s Lady of the Lake. Feeling like that still wasn’t enough, I added the dots around the other nail edge using a dotting tool.



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Throwback Thursday – Blue Valentines

Let me start off by saying that the Valentine’s Day mani from this past year had nothing to with me being sad and everything to do with blue being the superior color. While the world celebrated all the pinks, reds, and whites, I simply had to create a blue Valentine’s themed mani (nevermind the fact that I didn’t own pink or red polishes at the time…).

I thought I should show you all one of my first forays into the world of nail art, and that yes, things do get better in time.


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Throwback Thursday – Skyfall’s Severine

Remember my post about finally procurring some of the lovely OPI Bond shades?

Around that time, I decided I wanted to grow my nails out with the specific purpose of attempting the lovely Severine’s manicure. I just could not take my eyes off her nails while watching the movie! Unfortunately, I’ve got some stubby nails now (hence the lack of posting on my part), so it’s a good thing I tried out the look then.

Here’s a pic of the gorgeous Bond girl and her talons for reference.

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Watermarble Wednesday – Disney Princess Inspired: I See the Light

It took me a while to watch Tangled because let’s face it: I don’t watch movies. Maybe occasionally. But I’m really glad I did because I could once again indulge in the childish wish of if I had magical hair.

I had intended to watermarble a different princess when my muse took hold and tossed Rapunzel at me. I don’t try to fight my muse, but I have to say that this is hands-down the girliest mani I’ve ever worn.

For now at least.


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