A England’s Order of the Garter

“Majestically deep and filled with truth’s purity & strength of will, this royal blueinspires honour with every scintillating pulse” is how A England describes this vibrant blue. They even use one of my favorite words! (Scintillating).

Now, I am more of a fan of subtler shades when it comes to nail polish. I try out a few pinks now and then but never blues. This was the second polish I snatched up during an A England sale. While I enjoyed this eye-catching color, I’m still not convinced I’m brave enough to wear it very often. However, I did receive a lot of compliments on the color! It also gave me a couple ideas for Fourth of July manicures… (:

Here’s some pictures! (It was a nice, sunny week when I had this color on so I took advantage of it!)

I also experimented with some different hand poses…

(I still have some experimenting to do…)

And here’s a close-up of this gorgeous color!

If I can remember correctly, this could have been opaque in two coats, but being slightly OCD when it comes to my nails, I had to do three. Anyway, I loved this color and hope I have the courage to wear it again soon!


Zoya’s Kissy

The second of the polishes that my mother sent me recently, Kissy has met every expectation I had of her! I layered Kissy over Zoya’s other fabulous pink polish Lolly. Lolly is a matte pink, so I made sure to cover every bit of my nails in a nice top coat after applying Kissy.

Here’s the combination in sunlight:

And a picture in the shade:

Funnily enough, the shaded picture is more true to the actual color of this combination. And, because I love the multiple different types of glitter in Kissy, here’s a closeup!

There are three types of glitter inside this beauty: silver bar glitters, shorter purple bar glitters and very small round red glitters. I just realized that this would have been a perfect simple Valentine’s Day manicure! The Kissy was a little difficult to apply, but only because I had to make sure the bar glitter didn’t extend past the edge of my nails. I also had to apply a generous amount of topcoat to ensure I had a smooth surface.

In conclusion, Kissy lived up to the expectations I had for her. Though I wasn’t expecting her to be so sheer, I know I’ll definitely make good use of her when it comes to layering (:

On a related note: I’m sure many of you have heard about Zoya’s “Share the Love” program by now. In case you haven’t yet, click the link below to find out more!

Upon clicking the link and creating an account with Zoya.com, you will receive a coupon for a FREE bottle of Zoya Nail Polish! The fun doesn’t stop there, add two more polishes to your order and you get free shipping too! What are you waiting for?


As Posted Under Giveaways…

Glam Polish is holding another generous giveaway!

This time the winner gets to pick six colors from China Glaze’s Summer Neon Collection. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m most looking forward to the purples and blues in this collection. I’m not usually a wearer of neon colors, but these definitely caught my attention!.

Good luck!