Purple Mosaic Manicure

I noticed this morning that my last three manicures have been purple of various shades…can you tell it’s my favorite color? Purple also makes up about a third of my 100+ polish collection (:

Here’s a mani I did about two weeks back. I saw a picture of a Crackle mosaic manicure (I’ll link back to it later if I can find it /: ) but didn’t feel like using Crackle polishes so soon after my blue and silver manicure.

As stated above, I have a lot of purple polishes of varying shades and textures, so it was easiest to pick out a couple of those that would work well for a mosaic.

I used A-England’s Princess Tears (my new favorite, also featured in my current manicure which you can see next week), OPI’s Lucky Lucky Lavendar, and an old bottle of N.Y.C. (I have no idea what the name is).


I started by using each color and painting different sections of each nail. It didn’t really matter if they overlapped a bit or there were some small bald spots in between, as I knew I would be covering them up with the white striper.


Look at Princess Tears sparkle! This may even be a more accurate picture of her true color than some of the swatches I did previously.



I even snapped a pic of my right hand for you guys!


And of course a detail pic. Please excuse the smears, the white striper paint takes FOREVER to dry and I’m not as patient as I’d like to think.

Overall, I was pretty proud of my mani. I liked the colors I ended up using and how their textures worked well together. Yeah, I wish I’d been more patient with the striper when applying my topcoat, but I just couldn’t wait!

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