Sharing Saturday – Ballroom Beauties!

Last weekend was my team’s ballroom competition, and during the set up the day before I got to paint a whole bunch of nails! I had done my own to match my dress with my A England beauties (Princess Tears and Lady of the Lake) and added a generous amount of rhinestones, because you can’t have ballroom without sparkles!


One of the other girls wore a dress whose main colors were green, red and nude, so we did her nails to match as well!


Here’s a closer view of the rhinestone gradient as an accent nail:


I also did another purple manicure for a friend named Davlyn, whose natural nails are absolutely ridiculous! Look at how long and well shaped they are! I’m so jealous.


Like me, she got two different colors of purple rhinestones 🙂

And finally, a picture of the purple princesses of the ballroom team, including me (right) Davlyn (center) and my wonderful co-blogger Audrey (left)!


Do you see what I mean about sparkles and ballroom going hand-in-hand?

We have another competition next weekend, and I’m hoping to do something different next time, so stay tuned if you love rhinestones!

ALSO! You have one more day to enter the giveaway, so don’t forfeit your chance to win the gorgeous shades of HITS Tango and Foxtrot!


Surprises Revealed!

Thank you all for helping me reach 50 “likes” on Facebook! I know to some that number may seem small, but I’m really proud of each follower I gain.

Over the past few months I’ve struggled to provide you all with constant content, and because of this have spent the past couple of weeks thinking about the future of this blog. I would never want to give up, because I love the nail blogging community dearly, but I knew I couldn’t keep a constant stream of content on my own at this point in time.

On that note, I’ve decided to ask one of my wonderful friends to become a co-blogger!

Audrey was one of my first “converts” when I started this blog, and I have had so much fun sharing tips and tricks and seeing the awesome things she has done with her nails. If you’ve been paying close attention, you’d know that I’m a ballroom dancer and that I’ve even referenced some of the other girls on the team. Audrey is one of them and she is super excited to share her love of sparkles with you all! Her first post will be coming soon, so keep an eye out for it!

Surprise #2 is our first giveaway! 50 “likes” seemed like a good enough reason to celebrate, but now we have even more reason thanks to Audrey! In honor of our love of dance, I’ve found two Hits polishes named after two of our favorite dances 🙂

Hits Fox Trot

Hits Fox Trot


Hits Tango

Hits Tango

Rules and the Rafflecopter can be found on our Facebook page here:

Good luck to all and thank you for supporting Many Manis!


*This is not an international giveaway. It is only open to US residents.

What’s To Come

Hey all,

I know I’ve been posting very sporadically these last few months and I don’t really have an excuse other than that I’ve been lacking in motivation. But with the arrival of a new year, I have a lot of plans and more motivation to actually follow through with them. Now, I never really make New Year’s resolutions, but I’ve set a couple goals for myself for the coming year. One of them is to put more effort into maintaining this blog and involve myself more within the nail community!

So, step one of my new approach is to make a schedule for posts. I hope to be posting wayyy more than once a week (which I was doing this past year), but I doubt I’ll have enough material to post every day. That said, here is my goal schedule for this year:

Sunday – Swatch day

Monday – Current mani (or NOTD)

Tuesday – Trends (this won’t be every Tuesday)

Wednesday – Rewind (revising old manis or looks, either through old pictures or another attempt at the look)

Saturday – Street nails (nails from everyday people I meet throughout the week)

So, for Thursday and Friday, I was thinking I would maybe post more personal things, like Thursday could be “Three Facts About Me” and Friday could be “Fun” day and I’d post whatever came to mind. At the beginning though, those will probably be rest days so I can put more effort into my other posts 🙂 To sum up the schedule, I hope to be doing posts every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday!

Anyway, thank you all for sticking with me this past year. I can’t wait to continue sharing my love for polish and I hope I get to know you all more in the coming year!

Happy New Year! And here’s to the great things to come!

An Update

Hey all,

I just wanted to make a quick post to apologize for a lack of updates. I’ve been super busy with school and dance things, so I haven’t had much time to paint my nails let alone update my beloved blog ):

Because I’ve been so busy, and therefore had to sacrifice my “me” time of painting my nails, I’ve grown really…I dunno, bored isn’t the right word..discouraged (maybe?) when it comes to nail polish. I only brought about 20 colors with me back a college, and I’ve already worn them all two/three times each. At the same time, I keep seeing a lot of beautiful colors from new collections that I haven’t and won’t be able to get my hands on (at least, not till I’m home for Thanksgiving).

All in all, I hope I’ll be back to posting soon, but I really don’t feel very inspired and probably won’t really get back into the blogosphere until Thanksgiving when I’m reunited with my entire collection.

Until then, I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the holiday season and I hope to be back and sharing the love of sparkly holiday polishes with you soon!