Zoya Pinterest Trio

Remember when Zoya had the Pinterest Trio Promotion a couple of weeks ago? You can bet I was one of the first in line! I even set an alarm on my phone for ten minutes before the code went live (:

Obviously, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Pinterest trio, especially because they were the most popular three colors in Zoya’s Surf collection. A couple days later (they were super fast!) I received my minis of Zuza, Myrta, and Kimber. I immediately started thinking of fun things to do to show off all the colors and this is what happened!

I think I’m going to call this a geometric tape manicure. I started out painting all of my nails completely with Zuza, because that was the color I was looking forward to most. I then cut out triangles of various sizes and shapes and did (mostly) random patches of Kimber and Myrta.

I must say, I think I’ve gotten better at tape manis. Perhaps I was more patient this time, or the colors dried faster, but I didn’t end up peeling any of Zuza off when applying the other two, and my lines were straight! (For the most part…)

Also, I may have to attempt a french tip again soon because I think my hands are getting steadier. I had to clean up a few of the lines, but I almost forgot which nails I’d done it too because the lines were nice and straight.

I’m still a little sad that they were only minis, because I do love all three colors so much. But I can’t complain when all I had to pay was shipping! Perhaps I’ll treat myself to full size bottles when the minis run out (as they are sure to do).

Until next time! Have a fabulous weekend, everyone (: