Mani Monday – Halloweekend Manicures

Hey everyone! Long time no talk…sorry ūüė¶

It was a busy Halloween and Halloweekend on my end, but man was it fun.

I ended up with two festive manicures last week, one just for kicks and the other as part of my costume.


The first: ox-blood and spiderwebs.

photo 1

photo 2



And the second: Slytherin themed to go with my Draco Malfoy costume. My roommates were Ron and Harry (maybe I’ll post a pic of us together later!).

photo 4


photo 3




Until next time (I hope it’ll be soon!) have a wonderful Monday!


International Nail Art Day!

Hey everyone! If you’ve been following the GIOGO girls (and I don’t know why you wouldn’t be ‚Äď they’re awesome!) then you’ll know that today is International Nail Art Day! It’s obviously cause enough for some celebration here at ManyManis, but August 3rd also happens to be my dearest mother’s birthday!

I tried and tried to plan the perfect, super extravagant look to fit this wonderful day but couldn’t settle on one idea. Instead, I give you multiple manicures to celebrate!


Butterfly Stamping


First up: Butterfly and floral stamping using Julep’s Audrey and Lauren.


One stroke floral with gold


One stroke floral with gold


photo 2


And the next: another one-stroke flower attempt using OPI’s Goldeneye and Rumple’s Wiggin’, Zoya’s Snow White, and Sally Hanson Complete Salon Manicure’s Plum Luck.


gradient with dot outline


gradient with dot outline


And last (also my current mani!): a gradient with polka dot outlines using Julep’s Susie, and OPI’s Rumple’s Wiggin’.


That’s all for now, folks. How are you celebrating this beautiful day?



Throwback Thursday – Skyfall’s Severine

Remember my post about finally procurring some of the lovely OPI Bond shades?

Around that time, I decided I wanted to grow my nails out with the specific purpose of attempting the lovely Severine’s manicure. I just¬†could not take my eyes off her nails while watching the movie! Unfortunately, I’ve got some stubby nails now (hence the lack of posting on my part), so it’s a good thing I tried out the look then.

Here’s a pic of the gorgeous Bond girl and her talons for reference.

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Mani Monday – SYTYCD Nails

I’m attending the So You Think You Can Dance auditions on Thursday of this week and obviously needed an awesome set of nails. It’s partially for confidence but also just in case I get a chance to talk to Cat because I’ll need something to say! Anyway, I’ve had my eye on this design for a while and saw Wicked Nails’ interpretation of it on Tumblr, so I thought it would be great to try out for this occasion.

Here’s how it ended up!











As you can see, I added a little extra with a rhinestone on each nail. I am a ballroom dancer after all!

I also used completely different colors than both of the above examples because I wanted the look to be even flashier. Almost everyone I’ve interacted with since I’ve had this mani has loved it. It is by far one of my favorite manis ever ūüôā


Products Used:

OPI Goldeneye

A England Lady of the Lake

A England Saint George

A England Princess Tears

MASH Rhinestone Wheel

Swatch Sunday

For my birthday, my lovely mother got me the three metallic Bond polishes released by OPI. I used¬†Bond…James Bond¬†and Morning, Moneypenny in previous manis, but didn’t get very good pictures of either ūüė¶ So I will be doing all three colors again!

We’ll start with¬†Is That Silva?

JB - Silva 1


JB - Silva 2


JB - Silva 3


I really like the magnet that came with the polish. Most other magnetic polishes have their magnet in the cap, but this was completely separate. It has a ridge on the edge so that your nail doesn’t touch the magnet, and is very easy to squeeze with other fingers in order to achieve perfect distribution of the effect.

JB - Silva 4


JB - Silva 5


(Please excuse my slightly chipped nails)

JB - Silva 6


JB - Silva 7


The holographic sparkle in this polish is incredible, and the magnet was super strong! I seriously can’t find a bad thing to say about any of the three colors, but I think this one is my absolute favorite!

Mani Monday – James Bond!

So, I finally watched Skyfall about a week ago during my last weekend at home and could not stop gushing about Severine’s nails (or as I called them, claws). And her dress in the casino scene made me drool…but those nails!

Screen Shot 2013-01-12 at 7.09.47 PM



Since I had yet to get my own claws on ANY of the OPI James Bond colors, after seeing the movie it wasn’t even an option to wait any more! The very next morning I bought Goldeneye, Skyfall, and Tomorrow Never Dies. I was realllyyy tempted to also get The Living Daylights, but ended up leaving without…my mind still might change.

Anyway, I obviously had to use Tomorrow Never Dies ASAP, as it was the color I was most anticipating. I have a thing for blurples, but I’d forgotten how hard it is to photograph them ūüė¶

So, here are my inaccurate pictures of the beautiful TND, along with a guest appearance by Goldeneye and some stamping! (I used TND for the stamping, and the color there is actually pretty accurate).









I also (in a second attempt to photograph the color accurately) tested out the rhinestones my boyfriend gave me for my birthday. As a ballroom girl, rhinestones make me so happy! I will definitely be using them again very soon.







As you can see, despite the dozens of pictures I took in various different lights, I was still unable to catch the true beauty of TND. Oh wells, guess I’ll have to try again… ūüôā

Once my nails have grown a bit longer, I think I’m going to try Severine’s manicure, so keep tuned!

Rewind Wednesday – Christmas Mani

I actually attempted two Christmas themed manicures this past holiday season, but the first one lasted all of 5 minutes before I took it off, and then I didn’t have time to post pictures of the second one! I did these nails on Christmas eve before attending my brother’s birthday dinner (he’s actually a Christmas baby!) and then it was Christmas day and then I spent a week skiing in Tahoe! So I guess this qualifies as rewinding a bit.





Products Used:

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

OPI Jade is the New Black

Zoya Sparkle Gloss

OPI¬†Bond…James Bond


Edit: Sorry for the late post! I realized I hadn’t added pictures from my first Christmas mani!



Products Used:

OPI Red My Fortune Cookie

OPI Pearl of Wisdom

OPI¬†Bond…James Bond

Zoya Sparkle Gloss

Prisma Luminous Colors #6468 (Unnamed red glitter)


Birthday Post #2!

As my birthday was two weeks before Christmas, my birthday manis tend to take precedence over my Christmas ones. I also received a lot of new polishes that I absolutely had to try!

Here are two of my favorites!

My lovely boyfriend gave me the gorgeous Chanel Sky Line, which was obviously the first birthday polish I tried! I wore it to see the Boston Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker with some of my dance friends because it made me feel super classy!

Chanel Sky Line IMG_6248 IMG_6238 IMG_6257


This beauty is like Cinderella in a bottle. It’s absolutely stunning and definitely my favorite in my collection now.

And mani number two is provided by my wonderful mother (: She got me the three magnetic Bond colors from OPI, which are so cool! Holographic sparkles and awesome magnets? Perfection.

OPI Morning, MoneypennyIMG_6279


Unfortunately, Winter had set in by the time I tried to take pictures, so they aren’t very good /: I’ll definitely be using MM again very soon though!

After returning home from Boston for the winter, I finally tried my hand at Christmas themed nails! I’ll post pictures of attempts 1 and 2 soon (:

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday season so far!

OPI Skyfall Collection – Updates!

The highly anticipated Skyfall Collection by OPI (also known as the James Bond Collection) is¬†this much closer to being released. The every fabulous Ommorphia Beauty Bar has put up some beautiful swatches. Here’s part 1¬†and part 2!

The first half of the collection does not fail to impress. I am so in love with every single color and I cannot wait for part deux!

OPI James Bond Collection

Set to be released early this October is OPI’s new James Bond Collection!

According to their Facebook page, the release will be in honor of the 50th anniversary of the James Bond legend. I, for one, am definitely looking forward to this awesome collection!

Just look at those colors! Keep your eyes open for the collection’s release on October 1st and think up some awesome manis to wear while watching the newest Bond installment, Skyfall.