Throwback Thursday – Spring Flowers!

Back when it was the first day of spring (over a month ago…whoops), I attempted my first floral mani! I drew inspiration from a manicure I saw around Tumblr that had polka dots on each nail except the accent nail, which had a floral print. I don’t remember who did it, but I will try to find it again for reference! It was just such a cute spring look and an easy way to test out doing floral without committing to a whole manicure.



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Watermarble Wednesday – Spring Blings

Today’s combination of clear skies and 60 degree weather practically begs for a spring-themed watermarble! Due to my growing obsession of this kind of nail art, Charlotte has kindly let me take over Wednesdays to share with you all the magic and fascination of watermarbling!


(please excuse and ignore the chipping and lack of clean up)


There is something incredibly calming about watermarbling. Perhaps it is the process of watching all the colors swirl together to create beauty or it is the knowledge that you at least have some control over something in our chaotic daily lives.

What do you all do to calm down?

Products Used:

Love and Beauty by Forever 21 Pilot’s Scarf

Love and Beauty by Forever 21 Black/Pewter

Spoiled by Wet & Wild Good Karma

Spoiled by Wet & Wild Watch Your Language


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My Kind of French Mani

Hello all and happy August! I’m not quite ready to give up my summer brights yet, but I did break out two colors from OPI’s Hong Kong collection that seemed a little more fall worthy to me.

Remember how I said in my last post that I wanted to try a french manicure again soon? Well, soon meant directly after I posted that! But I didn’t want to do the usual sheer pink with white tips, oh no, I wanted to use my favorite color PURPLE for the tips. And a little shimmer never hurt anyone either, so I picked out OPI’s Meet Me On The Star Ferry and Pearl of Wisdom for this mani.

Unfortunately, I only snapped a few quick picks of this mani before it started to chip ):


I did absolutely love this combination though! I wish I had been able to keep it on longer.


I ended up taking it off mostly because of the chips on my pointer fingers (and a break in one!) but also because I received my package from A-England! I’ll be posting more about that adventure soon (:


Acid Wash (Grunge Effect)

It’s been a while! Sorry about that. Today, I present you with my attempt at an acid wash, also known as the grunge effect, manicure. This trend has been on my mind since NailsAdored made a tutorial on March. Two weeks ago, I tried it out for my self and I am so happy with the result!

For my base, I used Sally Hansen’s Plum Luck. I then layered the following colors in order to prepare for the grunge effect.

China Glaze – Dress Me Up

OPI – Rumple’s Wiggin’, Suzi Says Feng Shui, and Dim Sum Plum

Revlon – Minted

This lighting makes the polish seem a bit more brown-tinted than the overall look actually was. But I still love the effect!

I was a little scared a couple times while rubbing off the layers, thinking I had gone all the way down to my bare nail, but it ended up just being the layer of DMU.

And here we have more accurate lighting. You can see the wear at the tips, but this is after a couple days of heavy wear already.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed another look at the acid wash or grunge effect. I definitely encourage you artsy types to try it out. It took quite a bit of time but was so much fun!


Polka Dotty!

Something so simple, but I never tried it before last week! Here’s pictures of my first ever polka dot manicure. Again, it inspired some of my ballroom girls to try the look out for themselves! Sadly, mine only lasted about two days. I need to find a new base coat…suggestions?

I had one friend say that these reminded him of Tutti Frutti Jelly Beans! Yummy (:

It’s been almost a month since I last posted. I’ve been so busy lately that my blog and my nails have been feeling very neglected. Despite my lack of time and the unending list of things to do, I somehow managed to fit a few manicures in. I even took some pictures! Because I had no time to post them then, I’ll be posting them over the next week as I finish my first year of college!

Let’s start off with what may be my best gradient manicure yet!

Using OPI’s Panda-Monium Pink as the base, I knew I wanted to keep with the pink trend but I didn’t like my options (I’ve already sent the majority of my collection home for the summer). On a whim, I decided to use Zoya’s Faye, which I have never tried before. I was actually expecting it to look a lot like Tiffany, but where Tiffany was pink, Faye was much more purple and the gold flakes were more prominent. While the two look the same in the bottle, their actual differences really surprised me. I’m so glad I got them both, they’re such gorgeous colors.

And now for the pictures! I did two layers of Faye for the gradient so as to make the gold more intense.

And a close up!

This manicure also helped my ballroom friends realize just how obsessed I am with nail polish and nail art. I inspired a couple of the girls to try out the gradient using their own colors and I’m really glad I have more people to share the fun with!

Stay tuned for my polka dot manicure later!

Zoya’s Kissy

The second of the polishes that my mother sent me recently, Kissy has met every expectation I had of her! I layered Kissy over Zoya’s other fabulous pink polish Lolly. Lolly is a matte pink, so I made sure to cover every bit of my nails in a nice top coat after applying Kissy.

Here’s the combination in sunlight:

And a picture in the shade:

Funnily enough, the shaded picture is more true to the actual color of this combination. And, because I love the multiple different types of glitter in Kissy, here’s a closeup!

There are three types of glitter inside this beauty: silver bar glitters, shorter purple bar glitters and very small round red glitters. I just realized that this would have been a perfect simple Valentine’s Day manicure! The Kissy was a little difficult to apply, but only because I had to make sure the bar glitter didn’t extend past the edge of my nails. I also had to apply a generous amount of topcoat to ensure I had a smooth surface.

In conclusion, Kissy lived up to the expectations I had for her. Though I wasn’t expecting her to be so sheer, I know I’ll definitely make good use of her when it comes to layering (:

On a related note: I’m sure many of you have heard about Zoya’s “Share the Love” program by now. In case you haven’t yet, click the link below to find out more!

Upon clicking the link and creating an account with, you will receive a coupon for a FREE bottle of Zoya Nail Polish! The fun doesn’t stop there, add two more polishes to your order and you get free shipping too! What are you waiting for?

Zoya’s Tiffany

To get me in the mood for Spring, I decided to change up my darker colors for one more fitting. I chose Zoya’s Tiffany, which the company describes as “Pink, peach and light copper toned foil particles accented by flecks of gold foil.”

Zoya was already creeping up my list of favorite brands, and now I have to admit it. Tiffany was everything i wanted it to be and more. I absolutely love what Zoya does with its foils and this feminine color perfectly captured how I was feeling about the beginning of Spring.

With one coat:

With two coats:

(Please excuse the messy cuticles /: )

And, as it was the week leading up to the hunger games, I couldn’t resist adding a coat of China Glaze’s Luxe and Lush on top!

And there you have it!

I loved Tiffany by itself, but Luxe and Lush made this girl even prettier!