As some of you may have noticed, my thumbs look kinda funny. If you haven’t noticed, then that means you’re probably focusing on the main point of this blog: the nail polish.

To start, I have to say that yes, I am aware my thumbs look different from most people’s thumbs. But Megan Fox and I match, so there! (Sorry, was that a little immature?)

Brachydactyly (or Clubbed Thumbs) affects a very small percent of people, and I am one of the lucky few! I have to admit, all I really know about this “condition” is that it means my thumbs have always been (and all ways will be) shorter and rounder than most people’s thumbs. Oh, and Megan Fox and I are basically twins. (That was a joke, guys.)

Does that stop you from thinking she’s absolutely gorgeous? I should hope not.

Probably the only reason anyone noticed Megan’s thumbs was because of that one phone commercial she use a hand stand-in. (Ha, hand stand.)

Okay, yeah, I get it. I’m not Megan Fox. I also run a nail blog, which focuses mainly on nails (duh…), which means my fingers will inevitably end up in the pictures. And occasionally my thumb will too. Here, have a couple un-cropped pictures of my thumbs. Oh, and I guess some nail art too.

How about a little side thumb too? Feel free to ignore the gorgeously vibrant colors I swatched.

And to top off the photo spam, a nice close-up of my thumb nail.

Look at that mess. It’s wider than it is long. Never mind the patriotic gradient or the silly little white thing I called a “firework,” look at the shape of that thing.

Do I care? Not really. But I am aware of the distraction it may cause for some people (case in point being the “anonymous” messages I received this morning), which is why I tend to not photograph my thumb. I want to focus to be on the nails, or the nail art I am trying to share with this lovely community, and not on my “dumb thumb.”

Hopefully now that you’ve seen some pictures focused on my thumb, we can all go back to focusing on the nail polish. So please, I know it’s hard for some people to look past a couple flaws, but at least try to understand the main purpose of this blog and don’t send me stupid anonymous hate.


5 thoughts on “Thumbs!

  1. wow i cant believe that you even had to write this post! i hope you told whoever sent you hate mail to f*** off..

    every nail blogger has different shaped nails/ skintones and that’s what makes nail blogs awesome.. you get to see the same shade on different hands..

    ps your thumb is so much better than megan fox’

    • That post was kinda my way of saying “suck it!” haha.
      Exactly! I just don’t understand why someone would go out of their way to try to say something offensive or mean, when it’s really not at all!
      Thanks for your support btw (: It’s nice to be reminded why I started this blog in the first place: meeting awesome like-minded people!

  2. Honestly I would never have noticed until you pointed it out 🙂 Your thumb looks thumb-y to me 😛 At least it’s not an exaggerated or severe case!

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